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Training and Coaching

The dynamic of the marketplace is constantly changing, challenging the roles and practices of business organisations and the people working in them.

Therefore whilst a traditional education is still a good foundation for professional life, each of us is challenged daily to continue the development of our personal growth.

It is vital that the potential of specialists and executive staff is achieved by maximising their personal skills and abilities.

In competitive sports it is a common practice for a ‘personal coach’ to be employed to improve an individual’s performance by enhancing their techniques.

• Individual competency based training and coaching
• Coaching within the job
• Multidiscipline training und coaching

BC Management Consulting can advise in such apparently basic matters as vocal training and appearance. Vocal energy and strength is a key factor in the interaction between people, the ability to use this strength becomes more and more crucial in demonstrating both individual and corporate professionalism.

BC Management Consultants brings its skills to all facets of corporate life. Company Re-structuring, advising when company cultures are changing perhaps during a ‘takeover’ situation, challenging accepted procedures, team building exercises, work with individuals.

BC Management Consultants has the ability to provide solutions based on its years of experience and its multi disciplinary approach and methods.