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Executive Search

BC Management Consultants advises its clients throughout the process of recruitment of all levels of management.

Briefing, Identification, Research, Individual Approach, Contract-Closing and professionally On boarding.

To identify the appropriate appointee for a vacant position requires an in depth understanding of the responsibilities which the post involves. The long term strategies of the company, the positioning in the market, anticipated changes and the culture are all taken into account.

Having identified a suitable search strategy, over thirty years of experience, and using existing market contacts enables us to identify the correct candidates. our approach to these potential candidates is critical and our expertise is decisive in persuading them to consider taking on new personal and professional challenges.

Using our experience and proven methods we ensure that the candidate/s selected is/are compatible with the needs of the client. We work together with both client and candidate/s to ensure that the integration process is as seamless as possible. In addition to this we guarantee intensive mentoring for the candidate during his first one hundred days in his/her new post.