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Assessment and Management Audit

The methodology is the deciding factor. The increasing levels of responsibility faced by managers places a greater emphasis on soft skills. That is to say their ability to relate with others on a personal level. This ability together with hard skills, the actual competence to carry out tasks, is the driving force behind a manager’s performance. BC Management Consultants supports its clients by ensuring that all decisions are taken on the basis of proven expertise. Much of our success in the field of management diagnostics comes from the holding of Assessment Centres and Management Audits.

Firstly the task involved is minutely analysed, this analysis is set against a detailed competence profile upon which all future actions are based. The most appropriate procedure is selected taking into account the particular challenges faced, the level of the post and the culture and philosophy of the company. The successful implementation of solutions in the field of management diagnostics lies in the skilful application of method and experience.

All of our procedures involve a standardised and consistent approach. The use of diverse sources of information from interviews, simulations, individual histories and employment experience give a basis for forecasting future levels of achievement. Our observers bring with them a combination of skills, a lengthy experience of leadership and a range of psychological analytical abilities which give a decisive quality to the assessment and its relevance to everyday practice.

It is important to BC Management Consultants that our processes ensure that the person being evaluated is shown the greatest respect. He or she should be aware that this process is tailored specifically to them through the appropriate human resource methods. This is an opportunity for in depth self examination whilst at the same time being able to demonstrate their individual strength in the best light. In this way the values and culture of a company can be maintained whilst still respecting the individual.